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How We Handle Cookies

Cookies Policy

This cookies policy (hereinafter "Cookies Policy") explains how we handle cookies on our website, or any other domain belonging to The Growing Plant Co. Domains owned by The Growing Plant Co. are:,,,,

The Website is owned and operated by James-Anthony Giorlando, trading as The Growing Plant Co. ABN 67546382618.

We are committed to the protection of your privacy while you use the Website.

This Cookies Policy explains what cookies are, how we use them, how our third-party partners might use them in connection with the Website, and what options you have in relation to cookies.

By continuing to use the Website you acknowledge that you have had the chance to review and consider this Cookies Policy, and you confirm that you agree to it. This means that you also consent to our use of cookies as described in this Cookies Policy. If you do not understand the Cookies Policy or do not agree to it, then please do not use the Website.

What Are Cookies and Similar Technologies

  • Cookies are small files that may be saved on your computer's hard drive through your internet browser. If you allow cookies, then when you visit our Website, general information is collected by our computer servers and cookies are transferred to your hard drive.

  • Similar technologies include web beacons, action tags, local shared objects ('flash cookies') and single-pixel gifs. Such technologies can be used to track users' actions and activities, and to store information about them.

​Most Internet Browsers Support Cookies

  • Most internet browsers support the use of cookies.

  • However, internet browsers usually allow users to adjust their browser settings to reject certain types of cookies.

How We Collect Cookies

  • When you use our Website, cookies may be downloaded by your internet browser and stored in the cache of your computer. These cookies have a unique identification number, which allows our Website to identify your computer if you visit our Website again.

  • Unless you voluntarily provide us with personal information about you (for example, by completing an online form), then the cookies that we use will not allow us to access any of your personal information such as your name, address, or email address.

​Why We Collect Cookies

  • Cookies help the Website to 'remember' you, your preferences, and your actions over time.

  • Cookies help us to understand how you interact with our Website, so that we can improve the performance of our Website and provide you with a smoother experience.

  • Cookies help us to provide a more personal experience on our Website. For example, we may use cookies to remember your location settings to provide you with information that is relevant to your geographical location. We may use cookies to remember your language preferences or currency preferences on our Website, so that you do not need to alter these preferences every time you visit the Website.

  • Cookies help us to work out the countries in which the users of our Website are located by logging the IP address of Website users.

  • Cookies help us to monitor our Website's performance, which allows us to improve the Website over time.

  • We may use cookies to provide you with targeted advertisements on third-party websites.

  • We may use cookies to sell advertising on the Website.

  • We may use third party cookies to monitor Website usage.

​Information Collected

  • We may obtain information about your computer or any other electronic device which you use to access our Website, such as your IP address, your browser and/or other internet log information. We will treat this information as your personal information.

  • In certain circumstances we may also collect personal information about you but only where you voluntarily provide it (for example, by completing an online form) or where you purchase goods or services from us.

​Consent for Cookies

  • In most cases we will seek your consent in order to use cookies on this Website, except when the cookie is essential in order for us to provide you with a service you have requested, or essential to the inherent functionality of the Website (for example, to enable you to store items in a shopping basket and/or to use our check-out process).

  • In the event that we wish to use cookies that require your consent you will be asked whether you consent to the use of cookies in the following manner:

    • Pop-up banner.

  • Thereafter you will be provided with an opportunity to opt-out of the use of cookies which can be done in the following manner:

    • Users will need to cease using Our website.

​Third Party Cookies

  • We work with third party suppliers who may also set cookies on our Website. These cookies and their third party owners are included in the list below. By consenting to the use of cookies on our site you will be consenting to the use of these cookies. These cookies may be used to collect the following information:

    • Your IP address, the location of your IP address, the pages you visit, the time you spent on each page, and any other action/activity performed on Our website.

Cookies and Similar Technologies on the Website

  • The following third party cookies/similar technologies are used on this Website:

    • Google Analytics - used to distinguish users and sessions - effective for up to 2 years.

    • Facebook - used to distinguish users and sessions - effective for up to 2 years.

    • Instagram - used to distinguish users and sessions - effective for up to 2 years.

    • Others - used to distinguish users and sessions - effective for up to 2 years.

  • We use the following cookies/similar technologies on this Website:

    • Shopping Basket - to store items added to cart by users - effective for up to 6 months.

    • Checkout - to store user details for easier checkout - effective for up to 3 months.

    • Abandon cart - to retrieve an abandoned cart by users - effective for up to 6 months.

​Managing Cookies

Contact Us

You can contact Us about this Cookies Policy at or 043 GROW ART (0434 796 278).

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