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The Growing Plant Co. is an Ethical and Eco-friendly Australian Plant and Accessory Store

Our Story

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Connecting People to Plants

For some people, choosing a plant to join them in their space isn't always easy. The Growing Plant Co. store and plant care pages allow you to search by plant size and other care requirements like lighting needs, watering needs, size, and ease of care.

The Growing Plant Co. want to make it easier for you to choose plants and accessories to complete your oasis. We're here to help you choose too, so if you are looking for a plant that needs to thrive in certain conditions, feel free to contact us directly with a photo of the space you want your new plants to thrive in. We'd recommend sending a photo of your morning, afternoon, evening, and night of the space showing the natural or ambient lighting so we can make sure we help you choose the right plants and decor. To help us match plants and accessories to your decor, make sure the 3 different pictures you send us show other things in your living space, like rugs, scatter cushions, art work, posters, other furniture, etc.

Sustainability Initiatives

We at The Growing Plant Co. recognise the fragility of the planet and strive to minimise our negative effects on it and its priceless resources. Every move we make will reduce our environmental impact and raise awareness of challenges unique to the garden nursery industry and online plant retailers.


We use LED lighting and solar power, and we donate a portion of our profits to long-term carbon removal technology.

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Why We're Different

Our Approach

The Closest I Am to Being a Parent is Taking Care of All of My Beautiful Pets and Plants

Our Approach

We only sell products from Australian suppliers because we prefer to keep things local. We sell indoor and outdoor plants; bonsai; succulents, cacti, and mesembs; plant pots, planters, and baskets; accessories; nutrients; and soils; bonsai accessories; and digital gift cards. In the future, we plan to offer subscription boxes, gift registries, party favours, plant displays, terrariums, and zen gardens. Services will include bonsai and plant repotting; bonsai and plant styling; and bonsai and plant boarding.

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Why We Do This

In Memory of Dad

"Dear Dad,

It is hard to put into words just how much you mean to me. Your love and guidance have shaped me into the man I am today, and the beautiful memories we shared will remain in my heart forever.


You were a kind and giving man who went out of his way to help those around him. You took it on yourself to solve and mend the problems of those you loved, and often those you did not even know. I learnt this from you, Dad. You showed me how to care, how to be generous and how to make a difference in the world. I thank you for that.


You were a creative and clever man, and I spent my life watching you in awe as you figured out your own way to make, fix, and improve anything. I learnt this from you, Dad. You taught me how to piece everything together, how to improvise, and how to think outside the box. For that, I thank you.

You were an open-minded and accepting man who went out of his way to make everyone feel welcome and loved. You did not judge or assume the worst of anyone. You accepted me for who I am, and accepted my fiancé, Shannon, for who he is too. I learnt this from you, Dad. You did not just teach me, you showed me every day how to accept everybody for their differences. For this, I will be forever grateful.

Dad, there is so much I have learned from you throughout my life, and I am so proud to be your son. I am going to miss you more than you will ever know. But you will live on within me; within all your children and grandchildren; and all those who have had the privilege of knowing you throughout your life. You have made a difference in this world, Dad, and no one will forget the love, humour, and kindness you brought to so many people.

I love you with every piece of my heart and I will cherish our memories for as long as I live. Thank you for everything you have done. The world will never be the same without you.

Rest in peace, my beautiful father. I love you now and forever."

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